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How to recover from a calf strain?

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Calf pain is common and particularly prevalent among athletes. If not managed correctly this discomfort can drag on and lead to high levels of frustration for the individual. The calf is a common site for muscle cramp and the phenomenon known as delayed onset muscle stiffness. There are many possible reasons why an individual may experience these conditions, these include:

  • Foot biomechanics

  • Pelvic biomechanics

  • Stiff ankle joint

  • Poor nutrition/ hydration

  • Change in footwear

  • Lack of conditioning

Stretching of the calf muscle can usually begin once the early stages of pain and rest have been achieved. This is usually 2-3 days but can be longer depending on the severity on the severity of the strain, for example. The stretches should start gradually but can begin soon after the injury. This is important to lengthen the muscle, improve elasticity, and remove scar tissue, reducing pain/tightness.

Below are some stretches that can be useful to perform during this stage of rehabilitation following a calf strain injury:

Calf stretch using the step. Hold for 30-45 seconds. Repeat 3x

Calf stretch against the wall. Hold for 30-45 seconds. Repeat 3x

Knee to wall stretch. Hold for 30-45 seconds. Repeat 3x

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