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Accessing physiotherapy in COVID times

‘I’m relieved to say that now that we can offer something different for these patients, they no longer need to ‘step off the radar.’

Meet Chris, a long distance runner and cyclist. He works in a busy technology role in London. He’s 25 years old and injured his Medial Collateral Ligament whilst running in December. Due to strict COVID restrictions at the time he was unable to get a proper assessment or treatment and tried to self manage. With no improvement and desperate to get back to his running Chris contacted DPT through our social media campaign on Linkedin. With a natural interest in Technology he was keen to try re.flex 3D motion sensors to see if it would help.

Over the years, we’ve seen so many of these patients come through the doors of our outpatient departments. At first many of them are very keen to complete their rehab daily and in the gym, but as soon as they have to return to work they tail off; often not completing their advanced rehab as they have improved enough to get by. They commonly miss or cancel multiple appointments due to long distance travelling, work or family commitments. A significant number of them will return to sport too early and reinjure. I’m relieved to say that now that we can offer something different for these patients they no longer need to ‘step off the radar.’

Chris was one of our first ever UK patients. As you can see from his testimonial he was really engaged with this new style of rehab. It fitted around his work and lifestyle and gave him the confidence to progress his activity levels with guidance as and when he required it. All our appointments fitted around his working hours and with the re.flex device he could complete his rehab sessions around the clock whenever it suited him. Once finished with the sensors he enjoyed completing his advanced running rehab with the support of our Physio Lite package which meant he could text for physio advice whenever needed.

He is now back to running and cycling long distances. We are really pleased that he chose DPT and that re.flex has proved we can meet the needs of those for whom the standard physiotherapy model is a barrier to their rehab. If you are one of these patients that normally ‘steps off the radar’ or maybe struggle to get to appointments due to work pressures and time commitments we have a solution. Get in touch to find out more, we would love to hear from you.

Carys Hansed

Specialist Physio Lead



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