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Online physio support for hip and knee patients. 

 Living with pain is tough

It doesn't need to be this way

Rehab works


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How we can support you 

   We provide specialist physio support, virtual appointments and advanced digital solutions throughout the rehabilitation journey. Helping patients stay  connected, motivated and adherent to physiotherapy with our round the clock remote monitoring systems and highly sensitive outcome measures. 

Have you been diagnosed with arthritis? 

Let us teach you how to self manage your symptoms and maybe put off that joint replacement for a while. 


Are you a runner or have a sporting injury?

We can help get your back to doing what you love most.  

Prevention and INjuRY MANAGEMENT 

Our specialist online prehabilitation programs are designed to get you or your patients in the best possible condition for surgery and may even help reduce hospital length of stay. 

Pre-operative CARE

Our specialist online rehabilitation programs are designed so that you or your patients can recover most effectively and efficiently following surgery. 

POST-operative CARE

Looking for re.flex rehab sensors? 

Maybe our remote monitoring sensors have been recommended to you by a medical professional or friend.

Click the button below to chat to our team and order directly today.

We will deliver them straight to your door via next day delivery. 

You won't look back! 

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What our patients say

I was unable to work due to my hip pain and was reliant on painkillers...

Denton's helped me to manage my pain and to get in the best shape possible for my hip replacement.'

Colin Brown, Hip Patient

The text messaging service was really helpful to help clarify any  questions that I had about my knee operation. 

Jon Bilton, Knee Patient

I used the Reflex device for my rehab which really helps to motivates you to do your physio on a regular basis.

Jason Lewis, Knee Patient

How can we support your clinic?

MEASURABLE physiotherapy

Gather and analyse scientific data and improve your patient outcome and adherence levels.  


Keep eyes on your patients at all times and identify any early signs of complications with our daily progress reports.

develop & grow your business

Provide the highest quality evidence based experience for your patients using digital solutions. Increase revenue by increasing capacity and freeing up physio time


We achieve excellent outcomes for both our patients and business partners through increasing transparency, reducing costs and improving outcomes.





Increase in adherence


patient satisfaction


in real time

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