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A new era of remote digital physiotherapy

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

The more I work with Reflex 3D sensor technology in practise, the more I am impressed. I've had the privilege of managing a caseload of remotely monitored patients over the past 7 months and I am just amazed by the response from patients and the outcomes that we and they are achieving.

Reflex allows me to communicate daily with my patients, to see that they are doing what I want them to be doing, to modify and adapt their rehab programme in a timely and efficient way and answer any questions that the patient has along the way. No more waiting for them to come in to the department 2 weeks later and say they haven't done their exercises or they forgot. Any wound issues/red flags I can pick up quicker and respond quicker. No more using goniometers to inaccurately measure ROM and no more forgetting to ask patients to fill in outcome measures due to our automated PROMS/PREMS and data recorded on the app. I can rest assured knowing that my practise is accurate and evidence based knowing the development of the sensors has been carried out by Tobias Winkler and the fantastic Reflex team.

I know we can be anxious about a computer doing our job but Reflex is different. It's personable, its given me more control as a clinician not less and the outcomes in my experience are phenomenal!

Carys Hansed

Specialist Physiotherapy Lead

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