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Happy one year anniversary!

This week we have celebrated our one year anniversary! What a journey it has been... It’s very easy on a day-to-day basis to think about the next task, next opportunity, the next step and hardly look back to reflect on how far we have come. We sit here now pinching ourselves that our dream of reimagining physiotherapy is still alive and that with every conversation and patient we treat, we are one step closer to this goal.

To celebrate this milestone I would like to share the story about how our journey started….

ACL surgery waiting times over a year long

In 2017, our CEO, Richard Denton suffered an ACL tear due to a footballing injury and as a result was living in great discomfort for many years and was unable to complete simple tasks that previously he had taken for granted. Rich explored many alternative options, one being the NHS where waiting times for an ACL reconstruction, at the time, were over a year. Alternatively, private treatment in the UK would have cost him approximately £6,000. Being an experienced tech entrepreneur in the robotics process automation (RPA) space, Rich had previously spent time living and working in Bucharest, Romania, so was very aware of the culture and quality of service within private healthcare.

Following much deliberation Rich decided to fly out to Bucharest in the summer of 2020 to have reconstructive surgery which was very successful. Richard’s orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Paul Natase, recommended that he used re.flex virtual physiotherapy kit for his post op recovery needs, due to the COVID-19 lockdowns preventing him from commuting to a physiotherapy clinic for daily sessions.

Re.flex your smart physiotherapy assistant

The re.flex is a wearable smart assistant for physiotherapy rehabilitation which is composed of a set of motion tracking sensors, connected to a mobile application which teaches you how to perform recovery exercises correctly. Richard was able to train flexibly from home around his busy work/ life schedules whilst getting access to the daily support and guidance he needed, to ensure a full recovery. The solution ensured he stayed accountable to the physios exercise program and the objective data collected meant they could make real-time adaptations tailored to his progress.

“I absolutely loved the app and got along perfectly with it, having both technical & physio support. After 8 weeks I noticed a huge improvement and knew that I would not have adhered to the exercises as rigorously without re.flex or had the same level of contact with my physio”.

Denton Physio Technology was born!

Following this good experience, Richard met with the founders ​​of re.flex, Camil Moldoveanu and Andrei Kluger and, with the rest of the team which was the beginning of a great partnership between two very forward thinking and innovative organisations. Richard introduced the remote monitoring solution to his sister Carys Hansed, an experienced MSK & orthopaedic physiotherapist, with over 14 years experience in the NHS and private. She absolutely loved the solution and how it empowers physios to make real-time adaptations to programs and have a closer relationship with patients. On the back of a few conversations with people in industry and family & friends… Denton Physio Technology was born!

In this time we have treated patients UK wide through our self-pay/ insurance physiotherapy clinic, provided a student placement for Winchester University student placement who has since joined our growing team and so much more! Starting a business in the middle of a global pandemic was never going to be an easy task but we have learnt and adapted to new ways of working, offering our services and ensuring patients get the treatment they need and deserve.

We are very excited to enter our second year and to see what the future holds for us and the re.flex team! Thank you to everyone who has trusted, supported and helped us on this journey so far.

Josh Lewis


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