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DPT Stories: Recovering from a knee ligament strain

Updated: 5 days ago

Recently, a customer has kindly shared his experience of recovering from an MCL strain in the middle of a global pandemic. Read about his experience below:

"I heard of Denton Physio from a friend after telling her about my accident on the stairs. I was going to have a long wait for a referral to a suitable physio. My friend then introduced me to Denton Physio. My first impression was very favourable as they responded promptly and I was sent a neat box containing sensors, chargers and instructions for use. This was followed by email and a phone-call with a physio specialist. She assessed my movements and my need to fix my MCL which was strained. She also referred me to her IT guy to help me to set up the re.flex app on my phone. In a matter of minutes, I was set up for my digital physio exercises.

Denton Physio makes excellent use of new digital technology. It is great because the sensors were displayed on my phone and guided me to make the right movements. The app has an audio feature which helps to achieve accuracy with the exercises.

I really like this way of doing physio. The programme was easy to adapt to my personal schedule, so that I could do my exercises according to my timescale. There is a wide variety of exercises available to achieve the maximum rehabilitation. The app recorded my progress and the physio specialist was able daily to check on me. There is a private chat facility on the app where I could interact with the therapist. My instructor was very helpful and encouraged with lots of advice on movements. She made the exercises fun but very effective and always motivated me to do better.

The sensor technology is very accurate and I could see a pattern to follow on the app. I can recommend this type of technology to anyone who strives for precision. It is also fun to see a model of your movements accurately displayed.

After a few weeks of exercises, I was able to walk without pain and climb the stairs effortlessly, despite living in a top floor flat. After 8 weeks, I was able to use my mountain bike for 2 hours at a time. What a sense of achievement! All in all, I am very pleased with the professional expertise of the Denton Team and the new technology they use. I would definitely recommend the team to anyone who likes accuracy, flexibility, fun and, of course, intentional progress.

M.D. Grateful Patient"


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